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Oppa Oppa

Donghae and Eunhyuk were getting ready to perform their single, Oppa Oppa. Decked out in their outrageous suits, Donghae in red, Eunhryuk in yellow, they prepared.

"Donghae, are you ready?" Eunhyuk asked as he at a power bar.

"Yeah, just a little thirsty," he replied.

"Drink some water, it will be okay."

"I will," Donghae said, smiling.

"Guys, it’s time," the stage manager says.

"Let’s go!" they both said. They got into their positions and wait for their cue. Donghae goes out first.

Ah ah. Hana dul set. Welcome to the Super Show. Let’s go! My name is Donghae. Let’s party tonight! This was Eunhyuk’s cue to go out.

Donghae sings his first verse, and Eunhyuk goes in front of him for his part. They turn to each other, point, and bob their heads as they sing “Hey! Won’t you take me to Funky Town?” They fake jog during “I’m international baby, one two, three let’s go!”

As they go into the chorus, they glance at each other multiple times. Donghae smiles. When Eunhyuk starts the second verse, Donghae “punches” him in the face.

Before the breakdown of the song, Donghae says “I say fishy you say Oppa! Fishy!”

"Oppa!" The ELFs replied.



Eunhyuk comes in saying, “I say anchovy, you say Oppa! Anchovy!”

"Oppa!" They replied once more.



Both of them say “I say Eunhae, you say Oppa! Eunhae!”

"OPPA!" The ELFs scream even louder than before.


"OPPA!" They both had to smile.

"1, 2, 3, break it down!" As they’re dancing, Donghae keeps getting distracted, trying to spin around Eunhyuk early. He had to improvise, since he was right in front of Eunhyuk, facing him. When they rub their hands across their head, he looks over his shoulder to play it off. After they spin around each other, Eunhyuk gives him a hug, which catches him off guard. For the rest of the song, he was either a little early, or a little late.

The song finished, and all the ELFs applauded. As they exited the stage, they put their arms around each other.

"What was with that hug?" Donghae asks.

"Just doing some fan service, you know?" he replied simply, not thinking anything about the question.

"Oh, okay." Donghae said, secretly wishing it was more that just fan service.


Yay! So I figured this would be really cute. I might want to make this into a multi chapter story, so if you’d want me to continue this, just let me know! I am currently planning another multi chapter story too. I’m not sure who the characters will be just yet (So if you want to suggest one, go ahead :D), but I have a basic plot line that I can adjust for the ship that I choose. So if anyone wants a multi chapter with the plot continuing on this, just let me know and this one will probably come out first.

I thought Eunhae would be really easy (and cute) to write about. Personally they’re not my absolute favorite ship (Kanghae is, Eunhae is second though haha), but they’re easier to write about than Kanghae in my opinion. 

I wrote this because of a fancam of Oppa Oppa I saw, and I was going to link to it, but I can’t find it now. If I find it, I’ll add it later! :)

Coffee Date

Imagine your bias asking you out for coffee. As you drink your coffee, he tells you quietly that he loves you.

"This girl is very special in my heart."

Imagine your Super Junior bias inviting you to Super Show 5. He calls you up on stage saying “This girl is very special in my heart. Please support us!” and hugs you.


Okay, how about this. Reblog if you talked about MAMA 2012 Awards REGARDLESS of the “Western Artists” that were there.

And the only reason I didn’t black out who it was is because they’re an ignorant little fucker.


Okay, how about this. Reblog if you talked about MAMA 2012 Awards REGARDLESS of the “Western Artists” that were there.

And the only reason I didn’t black out who it was is because they’re an ignorant little fucker.

There’s a NEW way to enjoy our writings! We’re starting to write some KPop imagines. Most of them are really short, between 1 and 5 sentences. Basically, it’s little short cheesy things. Most of them will be neutral, meaning you can “choose” who you want (although, I guess you could always interchange names within the imagines and it’ll be good. But still.) Others will be things such as “You and your bias from Super Junior” or another group. Just little fun things to hopefully make you smile! We also might start doing scenarios too, but for now we’ll just stick to these two. If you have a suggestions for what we should do (such as do scenarios for example), just send us a message, we’ll be happy to make you guys happy!!

Thanks for reading, 

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Dong Bang Shin Ki Hwaiting

"Changmin?" Yunho asks, standing at the freezer.

"Yeah?" Changmin replied. He was preoccupied with a game he was playing.

"Did you eat the last fruit pop?" he asks slowly.

"I guess so," he replied, still distracted.

"You know that I always have to have a fruit pop before we perform," he said. It was true, his one request for any dressing room he ever used was fruit pops. And Changmin had eaten the last one.

"Well? I wanted one too."

"But I have to have one!"

"I’m sure you can go one performance without a fruit pop."

We’ll see about that,” Yunho thought.

"TVXQ to the stage," the stage manager called. Both members left the room without saying a word to the other.

As they perform, neither dares to look the other in the eyes.  Their anger towards each other and the situation cause them to give off a bad vibe. And the Cassiopeias surely picked up on it.

When the performance was over, the Cassies in the audience started chanting “Dong Bang Shin Ki Hwaiting!” Soon enough, the whole audience joined in, Cassie or not.  Yunho and Changmin smiled and looked around at the crowd. They made eye contact and immediately looked away.  They said their thank you’s and goodbye’s and made their way off stage. 

As Yunho went back to the dressing room, he noticed Changmin wasn’t with him. He didn’t really care at that point, but he waited for him.

10 minutes pass and Changmin comes in the backdoor with a grocery store bag in his hand. Yunho stares at him in disbelief.

"You went to the STORE?" he asks.

Changmin nods. He hands Yunho the bag. He has a puzzled look on his face.

"It’s for you," he simply said. Yunho looks in the bag, and there are strawberry fruit pops inside, his favorite.

"Changmin…" he said.

"Don’t say anything. I’m sorry I ate the last one, I should have payed more attention."

"I’m sorry too, I shouldn’t have gotten mad; I didn’t NEED one… but it was what I usually do, so I was angry. I’m sorry," Yunho replied.

"It’s okay, I forgive you," Changmin said. The two members hug each other and go back to the dressing room so they can enjoy the fruit pops.


I KNOW THIS IS TERRIBLE OMG I’M SO SORRY YOU HAD TO READ THIS. I just wanted to go ahead and get a TVXQ fanfic out there. Tell me what you guys what to see next. You can give us a plot, an OTP, a member from a band, etc. We’ll be happy to do a fanfic about it! 

I (Admin C) am probably not going to post any fanfics for a couple days, I’m going to focus on writing more so I can just que them. But I’ll be writing requests too, so send them in!

Thanks for reading,

Admin C :)

All Because of You

"I’ll get you next time!" Kangin shouts at Donghae as they play video games. Donghae has beaten Kangin every single time.

"Are you sure? You’ve said that the past six times and you still lose…" he replied with a know-it-all tone.

"Don’t sass me." Kangin simply said. They continued playing, and Kangin lost every time.

"What am I doing wrong?!" he exclaimed.

"Well first off, you’re not blocking properly. For instance, when I throw this punch, press the ‘B’ button." Kangin did as he was told. His character threw up his arm and blocked the punch, He took no damage.

"Wow, it worked!!" he said.

"Now, try this special move, press the down arrow, the ‘A’ button and the ‘B’ button altogether and see what happens." As Kangin pressed the buttons together, his character did a roundhouse kick and hit Donghae’s character in the face, temporarily leaving him unoriented.

"See? You just have to know what to do, and when." Donghae told him. "Now, let’s play a real fight, and let’s see if you can beat me this time." He started the fight, and Kangin immediately did the roundhouse kick combo. His character’s foot smashed into Donghae’s character’s face. He took this opportunity to do a couple regular punches. He looked at the damage bars; his character had no damage, Donghae’s was almost empty. When Donghae’s character finally was able to punch, Donghae did a roundhouse kick combo. Kangin panicked and pressed a few buttons at one time, causing him to dodge it and kick his opponent. Donghae’s character was knocked out.

"You did it!" Donghae said, jumping up.

"I did, and it was all because of you," Kangin replied, giving his dongsaeng a man hug.


Just a fun little fluff fanfic :) I LOVE their ship lol, no one really realizes it but it’s SO adorable! Hope you liked it!

-Admin C

I’m taking requests right now, send me an ask and I’ll get to it ASAP! :)

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Anonymous asked
Hey I don't have a tumblr but I just happened to stumble across this blog... can u do a fanfic about chen of exo m in an airport, with coffee, and a laptop?? Thank u!

Here it is, thanks for requesting!


-Admin C


This looks like a nice place to sit,” Chen thought to himself. He was in the airport alone, he missed his plane. Luckily there was another plane to Korea that day.  “Laptop. Check. Coffee. Check.

 He logged onto his laptop while he drank his coffee. He looked at his watch. It was 2:32 PM. He still had about 45 minutes until he could board the plane. 

 “1 New Message”  his e-mail read. He clicked on it, only to find it was Kris sending pictures of Ace to the members… again. Delete. Chen had to laugh though, his leader loved that thing like crazy.  He decided to log onto his Tumblr account. He pretended he was an EXO fan. No one had any  idea it was really him, and the other members didn’t know either.  “Someday I’ll tell them I’m really Chen. Someday.” he thought. He always liked trolling people.

 As he scrolls down his dashboard drinking his coffee, he comes across pictures and GIFs of the members performing at the SMTOWN concerts. He reblogs them, and likes them.

 20 minutes pass, and he’s still on Tumblr. Only this time, he’s answering his questions from his anons. Some of them are really weird and perverted, but he figured it’s okay, because most of them loved him.

 Another 20 minutes pass, and the airport announcer announces his flight number. “That’s mine! I better get my stuff!” he thought to himself, while shutting down his laptop and putting it in his backpack. He had finished his coffee a while ago, but he didn’t feel like throwing it away, so he took the opportunity to throw it away then. He gets his luggage, and makes his way to the line to get on the plane. 

 The lady checks his ticket, looks up at him, and says “Hey, aren’t you Chen from EXO-M?” He nods. “I love you!! Have a good flight!”

 “Thanks, I will,” he responded.  “Someday I’ll tell them I’m really Chen. Someday.”


Requested by —> anonymous

I really liked writing this one because it wasn’t a ship, it was just one member. Maybe I’ll do more of these soon! Tell me what you think! :)

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